We are SymphonyRM.

A Palo Alto-based startup redefining Physician and Member Engagement for Healthcare Providers.

The Future.

As business models evolve in Healthcare, the recipe for success is changing. Provider Networks are taking a lead role in moving care beyond treating diseases to actively maintaining member health. Developing the ability to inform/influence behavior and drive loyalty at both the Physician and Member Level will be the difference between success and failure.

Physician Support Director (PSD) Solution.

Physicians influence Members. Their patients are fiercely loyal. Unfortunately, physicians lack the time, money, and scale to invest in mapping out a proactive dialogue with their Members. SymphonyRM’s PSD enables Provider Networks to assume this role. PSD creates a universal view of physician activity and delivers next best actions for both physician support AND Member engagement.

Member Engagement Director (MED) Solution.

Provider Networks are rapidly moving beyond reactive, symptom-driven encounters. Population health and other tools will help develop proactive recommendations. Real success, however, will require a bigger change in thinking, a transition from patients to Members. SymphonyRM’s MED guides targeted investing in Member engagement to create the influence and loyalty required to help Members live healthier lives.

Next-Best-Action Prioritization Engine (NPE).

As technology evolves, many applications will assert an ability and a right to communicate with patients (Population Health, Electronic Medical Records, Billing and more). SymphonyRM’s NBA Prioritization Engine aggregates these messages and orchestrates them into a single dialogue with the Member. The engine prioritizes messages and coordinates a dialogue with the Member across channels and through time.

SymphonyRM Discovery Process.

Every Provider Network is unique. To ensure a successful partnership, we engage potential clients in our Discovery Process. Our Discovery Process has been perfected across multiple industries and over several years. It ensures that our capabilities align with client business objectives and key performance metrics. Importantly it maps out potential barriers and outlines a plan for success.

Our team.

SymphonyRM is headed by executives from Goldman Sachs, Booz Allen and Avanade (Accenture-Microsoft Joint Venture) with experiences in Enterprise Sales and Customer Relationship Management.

Michael Linnert CEO

Mike moved to the Bay Area in 1994. He began as a technology banker at Goldman Sachs before moving to venture investing at Technology Crossover Ventures. Most recently, Mike has served in sales and general manager roles at startups including BeVocal, Upstream, and Persado. He has worked closely with CRM and Customer Care teams at some of the largest consumer service brands in the country. Mike has a BSEE from University of Notre Dame and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Vipul Vyas VP of Products

Vipul has over 15 years of experience as a technology entrepreneur. Before founding SymphonyRM, Vipul helped grow two companies in the voice technology space. Both were acquired. Prior to working with technology startups, Vipul was a management consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton and Price Waterhouse. Vipul holds a B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

Blake Dong VP of Engineering

Blake leads the product development teams in Palo Alto and Orange County. Prior to SymphonyRM, Blake held engineering leadership positions at Accenture, Microsoft, and Stamps.com. He oversaw product launches at eBay, Stamps.com, and Ingram Micro, and lead global system integration programs at American Express, Walt Disney Studio, and Fidelity. Blake holds a BSEE from University of Southern California and is a Microsoft Certified Solution Architect.